Budget-friendly Coles & Safeway Veggie Soup

The 5-Hour Fix: Coles/Safeway Veggie Soup: Have to share my quickest, cheapest and yummiest soup – Coles & Safeway do pre-cut “soup” or “simmer” vegetable packs.

Craving a hearty, budget-friendly meal that practically cooks itself? Look no further! This Coles/Safeway veggie soup is my secret weapon for busy nights. It’s lightning-fast to throw together, uses pre-cut veggies for ultimate convenience, and feeds a crowd – all for under $5!

Here’s the magic:

Grab a pack of those pre-cut “soup” or “simmer” veggie mixes from Coles or Safeway. The soup ones already have stock, but feel free to use your own if you prefer.
Toss in a chicken breast for extra protein.
Pour in your chosen stock (or water with a bouillon cube).
Set it and forget it! Crank it up on high for 5 hours, or low and slow for 10 hours (perfect for when you’re at work!). I usually do 10 for the richest flavor, but 8 works in a pinch.
Once that timer dings, you’re golden! Shred the chicken with a fork and add some noodles if you’re feeling fancy. Boom! A massive pot of delicious, budget-friendly soup that serves at least 8.

Bonus Tip: I recently snagged a $2 veggie pack at Safeway, with the chicken costing just $1.36. Stock and noodles are pantry staples, so this recipe is a win-win.

This soup has become a lifesaver for me, and everyone I’ve shared it with loves it. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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