Easy dinner tonight. 😋 Easy Creamy Chicken Curry

Easy dinner tonight. 😋

Easy Creamy Chicken Curry


1kg chicken thigh, diced
420g condensed cream of chicken soup
1 x 45g packet chicken noodle soup (dry)
300ml light cooking cream
165ml tin coconut milk
2 -3 tablespoons curry powder (I use 2.5)
1 x chicken stock cube
2 teaspoons cornflour.


Place chopped chicken in SC. Crumble stock cube over chicken, then sprinkle with chicken noodle soup mix and curry powder.
In a bowl combine chicken soup, cooking cream, coconut milk and cornflour. Mix to combine, then pour over chicken.
Combine all ingredients then SC for 6 hrs on low.
Add 2 cups of frozen mixed veggies if desired 1 hour prior to serving.
Serve with either rice, pasta or creamy mash.
Cooked in 3 litre.

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