Weight Watchers Pizza with 2 Ingredients: A Simple, Delicious Recipe

Weight Watchers Pizza with 2 Ingredients: A Simple, Delicious Recipe

When it comes to enjoying your favorite comfort foods while on a diet, pizza often feels like a forbidden indulgence. However, what if we told you there’s a way to enjoy a tasty pizza that fits perfectly within your Weight Watchers points? Intrigued? Let’s dive into this delightful and simple recipe for Weight Watchers Pizza using just two ingredients!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Choose Weight Watchers Pizza?
  3. Ingredients Needed
  4. The Magic of Two Ingredients
  5. Step-by-Step Recipe
  6. Alternative Toppings and Variations
  7. Health Benefits
  8. Nutritional Information
  9. Tips for Perfect Pizza
  10. Serving Suggestions
  11. Weight Watchers Points Breakdown
  12. Comparing with Traditional Pizza
  13. Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Conclusion


Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the ultimate comfort food. But when you’re trying to stick to a healthy eating plan like Weight Watchers, pizza can seem off-limits. Thankfully, with this ingenious 2-ingredient pizza recipe, you can savor the flavors of your favorite dish without the guilt.

Why Choose Weight Watchers Pizza?

Weight Watchers pizza is not just a healthier alternative; it’s also incredibly easy to make. With only two main ingredients, this recipe saves time and effort while still delivering a delicious, satisfying meal. It’s perfect for those busy nights when you want something quick but nutritious.

Ingredients Needed

To make this magical pizza, you’ll need:

  • Self-Rising Flour: This flour eliminates the need for yeast, making the dough preparation quick and simple.
  • Greek Yogurt: Provides a creamy texture and adds a protein punch to your pizza crust.

The Magic of Two Ingredients

Self-Rising Flour

Self-rising flour is a blend of all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. It simplifies the baking process by combining these essential elements into one convenient package. This means no more worrying about the perfect ratio of ingredients.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a versatile ingredient in this recipe. It not only contributes to the dough’s texture but also adds a nutritional boost. Rich in protein and probiotics, Greek yogurt helps make this pizza a healthier option compared to traditional pizza dough.

Step-by-Step Recipe

Step 1: Prepare the Dough

  1. Combine Ingredients: In a mixing bowl, combine 1 cup of self-rising flour with 1 cup of Greek yogurt. Mix until a dough forms.
  2. Knead the Dough: Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes until it’s smooth and elastic.

Step 2: Shape the Dough

  1. Roll It Out: Roll the dough into your desired pizza shape on a floured surface. You can make it as thick or thin as you like.
  2. Transfer to Baking Sheet: Place the rolled dough onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step 3: Add Toppings

  1. Sauce: Spread a thin layer of tomato sauce over the dough.
  2. Cheese: Sprinkle a modest amount of low-fat mozzarella cheese.
  3. Toppings: Add your favorite toppings, such as sliced vegetables, lean meats, or herbs.

Step 4: Bake

  1. Preheat Oven: Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. Bake: Bake the pizza for about 20-25 minutes, or until the crust is golden and the cheese is bubbly and slightly browned.

Alternative Toppings and Variations

Vegetarian Options

  • Bell Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Olives
  • Spinach
  • Artichokes

Protein-Packed Options

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Turkey Pepperoni
  • Lean Ground Beef

Cheese Variations

  • Feta Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Ricotta Cheese

Health Benefits

Low in Calories

This Weight Watchers pizza is lower in calories compared to traditional pizza. The use of Greek yogurt and self-rising flour helps keep the calorie count in check.

High in Protein

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, which is essential for muscle repair and growth. Including protein in your meals also helps keep you feeling full longer.

Rich in Probiotics

Greek yogurt contains probiotics that support a healthy gut, aiding in digestion and overall health.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: Approximately 200 calories per serving
  • Protein: 10-12 grams per serving
  • Carbohydrates: 28-30 grams per serving
  • Fat: 3-5 grams per serving

Tips for Perfect Pizza

  1. Use Fresh Ingredients: Fresh toppings will enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your pizza.
  2. Preheat Your Oven: Ensures a crispy crust.
  3. Don’t Overload with Toppings: Too many toppings can make the pizza soggy.

Serving Suggestions

  • Side Salad: Pair your pizza with a fresh side salad for a well-rounded meal.
  • Fruit Salad: A light fruit salad can complement the flavors of your pizza and provide a refreshing contrast.

Weight Watchers Points Breakdown

Depending on your toppings and portion sizes, this pizza can be very low in Weight Watchers points. The basic dough itself is low in points, allowing you to enjoy more slices without worry.

Comparing with Traditional Pizza

Traditional pizza dough often includes oil, sugar, and yeast, which increase the calorie and carb content. The 2-ingredient dough eliminates these extras, making it a healthier and simpler alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt?

While Greek yogurt is recommended for its thicker consistency and higher protein content, you can use regular yogurt. Just expect a slightly different texture in the dough.

2. Can I freeze the dough?

Yes, you can freeze the dough. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in an airtight container. Thaw it in the refrigerator before using.

3. What other flours can I use?

You can experiment with whole wheat flour or almond flour. Just remember that the texture and flavor may change slightly.

4. Is this recipe gluten-free?

The traditional self-rising flour is not gluten-free. However, you can use a gluten-free self-rising flour blend to make it suitable for a gluten-free diet.

5. How do I make the crust crispier?

For a crispier crust, roll the dough thinner and bake at a higher temperature for a shorter time. You can also pre-bake the crust for 5-7 minutes before adding the toppings.


Weight Watchers pizza with 2 ingredients is a game-changer for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal without straying from their dietary goals. Simple to make and incredibly versatile, this recipe is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Whether you’re a pizza lover or someone new to Weight Watchers, this pizza is a delightful way to indulge without the guilt.

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