Dr Barbara O’Neill Books

Dr. Barbara O’Neill is an author who has written a variety of books on health, finance, and happiness. Her books range from self-help guides to cookbooks. Some of her most popular titles include:

Self Heal By Design: The Role Of Microorganisms, Probiotics and Fermentation in Natural Healing.

Self Heal By Design book by Barbara O’Neill

Self Heal By Design book by Barbara O'Neill

Fruit Water: 100 Vitamin Water Recipes 

Fruit Water book by Barbara O’Neill

Fruit Water: 100 Vitamin Water Recipes

80 Herbal Tea Recipes 

80 Herbal Tea Recipes book by Barbara O’Neill

80 Herbal Tea Recipes

Saving on a Shoestring: How to Cut Expenses, Reduce Debt, and Stash More Cash 

Saving on a Shoestring book by Barbara O’Neill

Saving on a Shoestring book by Barbara O'Neill

Flipping a Switch: Your Guide to Happiness and Financial Security in Later Life 

Flipping a Switch book by Barbara O’Neill

Flipping a Switch book by Barbara O'Neill

These books are available for purchase online and in bookstores.

Dr. Barbara O’Neill: Exploring Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Dr. Barbara O’Neill’s bookshelf offers a compelling journey across the dimensions of a fulfilling life. Her books delve into self-care, financial wellness, and achieving happiness, providing practical guidance for readers at various stages.

For those seeking to harness the body’s natural healing power,  “Self Heal by Design” explores the fascinating world of microorganisms, probiotics, and fermentation. This book sheds light on how these elements can contribute to overall health.

Looking to add a refreshing twist to your hydration routine?

 “Fruit Water” might be the perfect fit. Packed with 100 vitamin-rich recipes, it promises to turn water into a delicious and health-boosting beverage.

If soothing herbal concoctions are more your style, then “80 Herbal Tea Recipes” could be your new go-to guide. With a wide variety of options, this book allows you to discover the perfect cup for relaxation, rejuvenation, or a specific health need.

Dr. O’Neill’s expertise extends beyond physical well-being. “Saving on a Shoestring” tackles financial planning, offering strategies for reducing expenses, managing debt, and building savings. This book empowers readers to take control of their finances and achieve financial security.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, “Flipping a Switch” encourages readers to embrace happiness and financial security in their later years. This insightful guide provides valuable tips for navigating this stage of life with purpose and fulfillment.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize your health, manage your finances, or cultivate happiness, Dr. Barbara O’Neill’s diverse collection offers valuable insights and practical strategies for achieving your goals.


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